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Episode #3: Uzbekistan

Meet Galima Bukharbaev 'Still we fight for a different time. waiting, waiting.'

Galima Bukharbaeva continues to fight for press freedom as leaders change...   Read more

Dear Mr. President

Hello dear Mr. President
I am from the same party as you
I've been trying to make a living
Somehow I manage to pay my dues

Still I have to withstand oppression
Still I have to give something to your men
Or they'll squeeze me with the State’s hands
While the voices inside resent

Now, I won't pay you
I won't pay you more
That's all I have for now

I won't pay you 
I won't pay you more
That's all I have for now

Now I've heard there's no need for justice
Once you know that the law is yours
How I wish I could stand here freely
And not be bullied by your bribing force

No more… No more… That's all I ask for now


But no dictatorship stands on its own
No oppression serves itself
It's not written, but clear as daylight
We all serve under a broader will

We won't pay you...
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