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Episode #5: Ägypten

Basma AbdelAziz 'People struggling in anger. These are the hunger games.'

Trotz des Risikos für ihre persönliche Freiheit bleibt Basma Abdelaziz eine...   MEHR LESEN

Hunger Games

Fortified castles,
A fancy and good life,
Nothing is missing
Where gentlemen live their lives

Here they sleep
With their power and pride,
Buildings of gold
And govern the poor outside

They keep people busy
Playing a strange sport for these days
Like in the medieval times,
When animals fought slaves

People wrestle each other
Their skin getting thiner
But games won’t end
Until there is a single winner

These are the games of hunger
The government proclaims
People struggling in anger
These are the hunger games

Lakes are so blue
The vast lawns on spring
Its so beautiful to see
Our capital on tv

But reality is not like it
Times are menacing
We want children to get
Good treatment and medicine

People can’t fight forever
Below poverty lines
On this game between us
The gentlemen relies

No more buildings
When our lives stay the same
The hope is in making
a new future with no games.
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