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Episode #2: Vietnam

(bürgerlichem Namen Người Buôn Gió) 'Speech is freedom itself'

Bùi Thanh Hiếu schreibt seit 2005 über das politische Geschehen in Vietnam...   MEHR LESEN

When did Do Dang die?

Then she saw him laying down
With his head to the left
What a terrible thing
To see a son like that

He was only seventeen
He got caught stealing cash
Was arrested by the police
He didn't have a chance

What did Do Dang do?
What was done to Du?
Was it all a lie?
When did Do Dang die?

Even though the laws are strict
He had been arrested illegally
He left the jail for a hospital
After being beaten brutally

What had happened to that kid?
The evidence is still airy
The records are being kept
By the police and military

What happened inside that jail?
Has something been left unsaid?
Why did it take so long
To tell the mother he was dead?

They don't seem likely
To tell us what we're waiting for
Was it October 10,
Or October 4?
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